Homeland's Quinn has a conversation about 'strategy' with CIA management: "Tell me what your strategy is, and I'll tell you if it's working" (clip from Season 5, Episode 1; November 2015). Could be any conference room.

"Strategy is not technology. No one gains competitive advantage from letting technology lead strategic visioning. This is the short road to parity.

The ever-expanding universe of specialized technology applications makes possible almost any conceivable operational vision, but strategy is not forged from technological (or economic) power alone. Strategic understanding cannot be keyed to a specific technology application. When the same communication and knowledge acquisition technologies are accessible to everyone, and everyone works with the same set of ideas to deploy technology in the same way, there is competitive convergence.

Commoditized performance sets in because actors are copying one another using cut-and-paste methods. Advantage instead flows from getting ahead of the technology curve and using holistic thinking to guide the process of change. This is concept-driven innovation, a very different sort of framework than technology-driven innovation..."

From my piece, "What Strategy is Not" (MIT Sloan Management Review, Winter 2008)