‘Big Design’ for Health System Strategy and Innovation



‘Big Design’ for Health System Strategy and Innovation


Our Services

We reframe market strategy and innovate at a system level.

Competing on outcomes means solving for fragmentation and continuous consumer engagement, at scale. We use ‘Big Design' as a methodology to create an organizing vision -- a unique design point -- around which an infinite cascade of pieces and parts are assessed, positioned, ingested, connected and managed over time. This is a new view of sustainable growth and business management.  Our focus is on helping leadership teams re-configure markets, invent new business narratives and create new forms of competitive strategy enabled by all things “digital” connected with the physical. Our services:


health system STRATEGy -- the ‘zero story’

Health happens at a system level: not one thing, but many things simultaneously and interactively. Using new journey-mapping software, stakeholder mapping techniques, insights drawn from original desk-side and experiential research, social media analysis, as well as our own inspiration and intuition, we develop a coherent design point for strategic transformation. This is the 'zero story' to organize market strategy around new customer segments. It's a story that aligns the Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer agendas in a new business vision. The core output is a unique system of engagement to compete on health outcomes, manage the progressive integration of emerging technologies, and plan content. We can generally complete these mapping projects in less than a month.  


Positioning and Messaging to Internal and External Audiences

Creating a shared vision means connecting vision-setting with the development of your brand story, discovering the unique elements of value to a market strategy, investing in the right mix of emerging technologies, and discovering a pricing model based on outcomes. All of this should become part of an internal and external roll-out. Using a brand and business model innovation sprint, we create a focused effort that gets you the content and message strategy that ensures you strike the right chord with the right audiences.  



Design for analytics is our approach to creating with big data and digital biomarkers. We work back from the market, starting first with the insights you want to pull, not the message you want to push. We then design a system of market engagement and technology development to capture, position and communicate this health outcomes story in way that is unique to your brand or business. The method flips the script; it enables you to coherently assess and ingest start-up and emerging technologies, and to compete with real-world evidence, new pricing models, and differentiated market access strategies.  


Activation and Go-to-Market

Strategy without execution is meaningless.  We work with you and your vendors to create new "digitally-enabled" consumer health experiences, service designs, marketing campaigns, and prototype business concepts that create growth without being merely transactional. We help you build thought leadership and mobilize a community of collaborators.


On-Going Support for Strategic Management

We offer ad-hoc, project-based or retainer engagement models. Our method for 'big design' is truly unique, and can support long-term transformation initiatives, care delivery innovations, executive presentations, ideation sessions, market research projects, and business development activities. We work with both clients (sponsor) and their vendors.